Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget


Over 100 Banks Closed in 2009

On Friday evening, the FDIC reported that it has taken over an additional seven banks (First DuPage Bank, Riverview Community Bank, Bank of Elmwood,...

Beige Book Results

Today, the Fed released its latest Beige Book, with each Fed b

Weekend Editorial Roundup

Here are the highlights from this weekend’s editorials on fiscal and budget policy:

IMF World Economic Outlook

The IMF has recently released its monthly World Economic Outlook, the IMF’s premier publication on the state and health of both the global...

Point-Counterpoint: When should we start caring about debt?

On the heels of yesterday’s debate in the LA Times,

September Unemployment Rate and Uncertain Outlook

To those watching the economy as it enters into positive territory and the financial markets as they seemed to be getting into

G-20 Summit's Fiscal and Financial News

It would be easy to dismiss the recent G-20 Summit in Pittsburgh as just more political babble, more empty business as usual just among more countr

The G-20 Summit and Beyond

As the G-20 Summit gets underway in Pittsburgh, what should we hope to hear from the G-20 leaders?

Fed's Monetary Policy Committee Sees Improvement; Policies Stay Unchanged

Following its two day meeting yesterday and today, the Fed’s monetary policy setting body (the Federal Open Market Committee or FOMC) release

Fiscal Roadmap: "Deficit Reduction: Lessons From Around the World"

The U.S. economy appears to be gradually recovering, and positive growth is expected now and for the rest of the year. Looking ahead, however, U.S....